We envision nutrition that sparks the ignition of the super conscious vision. Holographic Universe revealed through Yogic intuition.

Our Products:

Alka-mistic Bliss

Nomad Superfood

Our Vision

Yogi Bliss Blend

Alka-fruit Blend

With a blend of Inca berries, goji berries, persimmons, raspberries and more, the Alka-Fruit blend is sure to enliven.

Yogi Bliss Blend

Our unique blend of Superfood fruit and nuts, with cacao clusters and spirulina chips. It is sure to awaken all of your senses and support your active lifestyle. 

Cacao clusters

Delight your senses with a nutty and flavorful blend of superfoods melted into cacao butter and chocolate.

Diversity and Sustainability

We only use certified raw and sustainable ingredients. We strive to work with local and sustainable producers, and hand pick ourselves.